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We all know that travelling can be stressful and tiring at times, but it doesn't have to be, and that's what Int'l Airports Guide is here to help alleviate.

When planning to travel the list of things to plan can make you feel overwhelmed, but that is exactly where this site comes in.

Take the time to learn from others experience, plan sensibly and enjoy your travel experience. Never before have we had such opportunities to travel and see the remarkable experiences available.

To help us all travel with easy, let's share our questions and experience.

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Get stressed in Airports?

Allow me to introduce Rita Anya Nara; suffering from Chronic Anxiety, took a completely new approach to her life and made the world her treatment zone.

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Rita has been very kind to provide a guest posting for International Airports Guide to help or readers who may struggle with the stressful environment of the airport.

It is with great pleasure and pride I introduce to you Rita and her excellent work.

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