Atlanta Airport Parking

Airport Parking Atlanta

Atlanta airport parking at the terminal is now easier and more convenient for both domestic and international travellers. Besides the several different domestic parking options, recent additions to the parking terminals have created two new parking facilities that will offer patrons more than 3,500 additional spaces.

The Atlanta Airport international terminal is accessible from Interstate 75 (exit 239) and contains its own international parking facilities for hourly and daily parking. All available airport parking is within minutes of Atlanta’s International Airport, so valuable travel time is never wasted on searching for convenient parking.

Preflight Parking Atlanta

Long Term | Short Term | Pickup and Drop

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Economy Parking

North, South and West Economy

For $4 less per day, travellers can park at the north, south, and west economy parking lots. The south and north surface parking lots are adjacent to the daily parking decks and the west economy parking is at the west end terminal, just past the Ground Transportation center.

'Business Class' Parking

Gold Parker Program

For $3 per hour or $30 per day, this service offers guests guaranteed hassle-free parking. These reserved lots ensure the fastest parking service available for travellers who don’t have time to find a parking spot.

Gold Reserve Parking

Atlanta Airport parking offers patrons fast and convenient parking for frequent travelers in their Gold Reserve parking section. This area offers covered parking that is guaranteed to be available.

Gold Reserve parking is located on the lower level inside of the international terminal. Passengers who have reserved spaces in this parking lot will never need to wait in line for tickets or search large lots for open parking spaces.

Airport Courtesy and Security Officers

If passengers have any trouble locating or starting their vehicle after their trip, Atlanta International Airport offers a courtesy van for locating vehicles or providing a jump start. They understand that there is nothing more frustrating than returning from a vacation or business trip and finding yourself stranded at the airport. Atlanta Airport parking lots have many courtesy and security officers throughout the various parking structures to assist passengers with any concerns or questions that may arise.

There are also Emergency Information Telephone Call Boxes strategically located within the airport parking facilities. The emergency/information telephones will immediately connect customers with the parking management office. They will also contact the airport police for 24-hour emergency. The parking lots also provide public telephones at the stairwells located closest to the terminals.

There are Lighted Parking Information Directories next to the pedestrian walkways on the ground and third level of both parking decks. These helpful signs include a map of the parking areas that will show guests where they can find the emergency/information telephones.

International Shuttle Connector

Atlanta Airport parking facilities offer an international shuttle connector since Atlanta-bound passengers on international flights cannot access secured areas of the airport once they have picked up their luggage. The Airport has a free, 24-hour per day shuttle services to link passengers at the international terminal with outside parking facilities.

The international shuttle connector offers direct service from the international terminal to both the ground transportation center at the west end of the airport and to the rental car center. The ground transportation center allows travellers to access all parking areas, the domestic terminal, and the MARTA train service to Atlanta’s downtown core. The shuttle service typical takes around fifteen minutes to either location.

Short Term Hourly & Daily Parking

North and South Hourly

These lots are the closest and most convenient short term parking at Atlanta Airport. These parking lots are ideal for dropping someone off or pickup at the Atlanta International Airport.

They are located directly in front of the north and south terminal and only charge $2.00 for first two hours.

Since they provide the most accessible parking, they are hourly lots that are intended for short-term use only.

To encourage this, the rate increases to $3 per hour for the next four hours, which a maximum charge of $32.00 for the first full day.

North and South Daily

These parking lots provided the closest and most affordable covered-deck parking for long-term use.

The north and south daily parking lots are directly across from each terminal and are only $16 per day.

Long Term Parking Atlanta
Park & Ride Atlanta Airport

Park Ride Lot

To save additional cost for long term parking at Atlanta, passengers can park in this lot and then take a free shuttle service to the curb-side check-in.

This lot is only $9 per day and offers convenient service to both the north and south terminals.

Park-Ride Reserve

This Atlanta Airport parking lot is designed for frequent travellers who appreciate guaranteed onsite parking.

This reservation service offers fast and complimentary shuttle service from your vehicle to the Airport terminal and it will drop you back off at your vehicle once you get back from your trip for only $12 per day.

International Park-Ride

The International Park-Ride facility is located on Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Boulevard, just west of Loop Road. This lot offers international passengers 2,400 convenient parking spaces.

Once you have parked your car in this lot, it will only take a quick three-minute ride on a shuttle bus to the International Terminal's Departures level. You will also be picked up at the Arrival's level when you return and dropped back off at your vehicle.

The free shuttle to the International Park-Ride is available for travellers 24 hours a day. International Park-Ride lot has a flat rate of $3.00 per hour and a maximum of $12.00 per day. This is the best option for long-term parking needs.

International Parking

International Hourly

For your convenience, this hourly lot is located only a few steps from the check-in and arrivals counter.

This parking lot contains just over 1,100 parking spaces, including fourteen close-in parking spaces for alternative fuel vehicles and fourteen parking spaces for carpool vehicles.

This new lot can be reached from Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Boulevard. Simply follow the signs directing you to the hourly parking lot.

International hourly rates start at only $2.00 for the first and second hour. Since it is an hourly lot meant for short-term use, that rate increases to $3.00 per hour for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth hour of your stay. The flat rate for the first full day is $32.00 which will increase to $36.00 for any additional days.

International Park-Ride

See under Park & Ride at top of the page.

Atlanta Off Airport Long Term Parking

There are several off airport parking companies available close to Atlanta Airport.

There are fast shuttle services available to the airport from the following parking lots:

There are more than 30,000 onsite Airport parking spaces that are accessible using the free shuttle service, so there is never the fear of not being able to find parking to suite your needs.

Convenience and Accessibility 

All Atlanta airport parking lots are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are automatic ticket dispensers at the entrance to each parking lot and helpful cashiers as you exit. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport accepts cash and all major credit cards. Every parking lot has spaces located in the closest proximity to the Airport Terminal that are designated for drivers with disabilities.

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