Atlanta International Airport Guide
Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

In 2011, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was ranked as the world's busiest airport both in the number of passengers and the number of flights. That impressive title is not expected to change anytime soon, as the airport continues to grow each year.

Constantly upgrading their services and facilities, the airport is dedicated to improving convenience and accessibility for passengers. In 1999, Hartsfield–Jackson's management approved the Development Program: "Focus on the Future" involving multiple improvement projects with the intention of preparing to handle a projected demand of 121 million passengers this year.

One of these improvements is the APM (automated people mover) providing convenient, safe and efficient transportation for passengers to access areas of the airport with ease. While not a new or unique concept, it certainly is a welcome modernity at this vast facility.

We've taken the time to provide the clearest information to help you navigate your journey through this location. Whether you choose to book a rental car, hotel room or enjoy one of the dining facilities, we hope our information will help you with your journey.

Inside the terminal at ATL

More Than Ample Selection of Hotels

There are hundreds of different hotels all located within a short distance of the Atlanta Int'l Airport. Almost all of these hotels have complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport out of the Ground Transportation Center. Some are less than a mile away and offer free wireless, hot breakfasts, and newspapers.

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Limo Rental Services

There are approximately two hundred different limousine companies that provide transportation to and from the world’s busiest airport. Most of Atlanta’s limo companies offer an impressive selection of executive cars, stretch limousines, and coach passenger vehicles. Stretch limousine pickups are located on the lower level of the North and South Parking Deck and sedan limousine passengers can be picked up at the South Hourly Parking Deck. All limousine pickups need to be reserved in advance, so passengers are not waiting for their arrival.

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Airport Terminal

Hartsfield–Jackson has a terminal and concourse space totalling 6,800,000 sq. ft. The airport has two terminals for passengers to check-in and claim their baggage, the Domestic Terminal and the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal. The Domestic Terminal is on the west side of the airport and contains both the North and South terminals.

The second main terminal, the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal, can be found on the east side of the airport. This area is where the airports International Customer and Immigration services, as well as check-in and baggage claims for international passengers is located.

Ground Transportation Center

This convenient area provides patrons with access to every mode of transportation that you could possible need in Atlanta. It houses the loading and unloading shuttle areas for taxis, charter buses, hotel shuttles, local shuttles, regional shuttles, parking shuttles, and the international shuttle connector. Every mode of transportation has its own color code zone indicated using signage on the curb. The rental car service center is also all located here, just outside of the main arrival area.

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So Many Great Shopping Opportunities

There are plenty of options for passengers who are looking for more affordable options or travel essentials.  The massive airport features more than 260 concession outlets, over 100 food and beverage choices, plus 90 retail and convenience stores, 3 duty-free stores, and 56 service centers. This vast shopping center includes postal service, spas, fast-food chains, and several ATM machines. Airport Revenue News awarded the Hartsfield-Jackson the 2009 Best Concessions Management Team Award.

More Flying Fun for Children

Traveling with young children comes with added challenges and extra opportunities for the little ones to explore or get into trouble. Atlanta International Airport understands that if children are not properly entertained, they can make a trip through the airport very unpleasant for their parents.

ATL makes flying fun for kids. Children of all ages are invited to become a part of the exciting Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's Kids Club. By visiting the website and registering, kids can keep up with all of the fun activities the airport has to offer their youngest passengers.

Kids can explore the life of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., visit an informative and creative exhibit entitled The History of Paper, see puppets from around the world, and check-out artwork created by local kids their age. The airport also has bright and colorful art from Zimbabwe called Shona art, plus kid-inspired stone sculptures and a 33-foot long dinosaur replica.

The airport also has play areas and play station re-charging units to keep small children occupied. There are kid friendly restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s and Pizza Hut, as well as their choice of Ben & Jerry’s or Edy’s ice cream. The shopping center also has a Candy Express and a Sweet factory kiosk. The Atlanta International Airport has several restrooms designed to accommodate the needs of families traveling with infants or toddlers located throughout the building.

Medical Attention

Throughout the terminals, parking lots, transportation center, and shopping facilities, there are security and courtesy personnel that can help direct you in case of an emergency. If a passenger has a request for medical oxygen during their layover, they can call the Hospital Ambulance at (770) 719-5337.

The Hospital Ambulance will need the following information when you call them to arrange for oxygen:

•  The date of flight and scheduled time of arrival at ATL

•  The name of the airline and the flight number

•  The name of the passenger who requires oxygen

•  The approximate duration of the layover

The City of Atlanta's Department of Aviation is committed to ensuring your safety and security. To support this crucial objective, Hartsfield-Jackson has the largest airport AED (Automated External Defibrillators) program in the country. There are about 200 AED units within the various terminals, concourses and offsite locations. The defibrillators are approximately a minute away from anyone who might need one. There are various signs on the wall indicating where the closest defibrillator is located or you can ask any airport personnel for assistance finding one.

Service Animals

To accommodate passengers’ pets and service animals, ATL has a Poochie Park on the lower level of the Domestic Terminal North. It is just outside door LN2 on the right side of the building. Owners can bring their animals to this grassy area, so pets can relieve themselves. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals with the onsite pooper scoopers. Pet owners whose animals have an accident elsewhere in the airport can also use the Poochie Park scoopers and receptacles for clean-up.

Wheelchair Assistance

All airline representatives at Hartsfield-Jackson are willing and able to provide any passenger with wheelchair assistance. Please contact the airline directly prior to the scheduled flight if you need to reserve a wheelchair while you are at the airport.

Focus on Customer Service

If there is anything else you need to know about the Atlanta International Airport services, their Customer Service office is open from 8:15pm to 5:00pm weekdays to address passengers' questions, comments, or concerns.

The airport has more than 150 members on their customer service and volunteer team, as well as a call center that operates from 7:00am to 11:00pm. Most of the airport’s customer service employees are bilingual, as part of the airport's mission to focus on customer service by exceeding customer expectations.

TTY/TDD Telephone Locations

Airport telephone booths are designed to accommodate passengers that have special needs and are located throughout the airport. The domestic terminal offers a special needs telephone in the main corridor near the security-screening checkpoint, as well as additional telephones that are located in the terminal ticketing area.

IATA Airport Code: ATL

ICAO Airport Code: KATL

UTC/GMT: -5 Hours (-4 Hours in summer)

USA Time Zone: EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Car Rental Center

One of the major improvements is currently complete and being used daily. It is a centralized rental car area where everything can be managed out of the same hub. This one location now houses all rental car companies and their associated operations, including customer service, administrative offices, ready and return parking, fueling and their maintenance facilities.

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Atlanta Airport Parking

Parking is available to all travellers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are automatic ticket dispensers at the entranceway to every parking lot and cashiers that will accept payment as you exit. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted.

To make it easier to locate your car, the lot you parked in will be printed on the upper right-hand corner of your ticket. It’s a good idea to note the level and row number on your ticket as well and then make sure to take it with you. There are courtesy and security officers throughout the parking facility if any issues arise. They understand that it is easy to forget where you park when you have been traveling for a while.

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Atlanta Airport Parking Discounts and Coupons

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Artistic Atrium

The portion of the building between these two terminal areas includes an impressive and artistically-inspired atrium. The atrium features a large, open seating area with a variety of concessions, a rotating art gallery, conference rooms, an interfaith chapel, and a bank. The Ground Transportation Center and a MARTA train station are available on other levels within these terminals.

International Shuttle Connector

Atlanta-bound passengers are not able to return to the secured areas after they pick up their bags, so the airport created designated shuttle services that will connect passengers at the international terminal with the car rental center and the domestic terminal. The international shuttle is a free and fast, 24-hour service that is available to all international passengers.

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Name Brand Fashion

Atlanta International offers its passengers convenient luxury shopping while they are waiting for their flight. The airport shopping center features highly-recognizable apparel and accessory icons like Coach designer accessories, Emporio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Travelers who are searching for the highest-quality make-up and skincare products will find great brands like MAC and Kiehl’s inside of the airport’s shopping center. Designer accessories like DKNY, Kooba, and Longchamp bags can be found at CLUTH and high-end eyeglasses like Oakley, Juicy Couture, and RayBan can be found at Sunglass Icon.

The stream of superior stores at the airport also includes the new Touch Table store. This high-tech electronic store has a comprehensive line of mobile technology products from the world’s leading brands. Customers can even interact with each product before they purchase it on an interactive, touch-screen information table.

Airport Taxis

Taxi service pick up is at the yellow zone located just outside of the Ground Transportation Center. There is a set fee of $30 to travel between the airport and Atlanta’s central business district. There is an additional $2 charge that will apply per-person for trips with two or more occupants.

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Buses and Trains

The local public transit system in Atlanta is referred to as MARTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) and they have a service station attached to the baggage claim area. A one way fare to metropolitan Atlanta is only $2.50 and it will bring you downtown in about 20 minutes. MARTA also offers passengers train service back to the airport.

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Security Procedures

Travelers are advised to arrive 90 minutes prior to the departure time to ensure that they have enough time to check their baggage and go through the full screening process. Flights will not wait for passengers who are still being screened.

Make sure to leave any checked baggage unlocked, so it can be inspected. You do not want the security staff to have to force open your luggage if it is deemed suspicious. The TSA, the individual airlines, and the airport staff are all committed to screening every checked baggage for the safety of all passengers.

All travelers are required to remove their shoes and place them on the X-ray belt when passing through security checkpoints. Passengers must also remove all outerwear (coats, jackets, and blazers) and place them in the X-ray machine. If the coat or jacket is the only thing you are wearing, you will not need to remove it.

A more extensive pat-down will be conducted if a person sets of the alarm on the metal detector or if security personnel have reason to believe that further screening is necessary. Transportation security officers will verbalize the process as they are conducting the inspection. You can request a private screening, if you are uncomfortable with where it is taking place. Electronic items are allowed and will be screened using the same process.

Passengers with Special Needs

Convenient parking for passengers with disabilities is available in every airport parking lot. These spots are always the closest locations to an airport entranceway. Once you have entered the parking lot, travellers can follow the highly visible directional signage that will guide passengers to their designated parking spots.

Passengers with disabilities are encouraged to use the Airport’s Park-Ride facility, which offers convenient shuttle service to the domestic terminal building. This bus is wheelchair accessible for people who are physically challenged and it will pick up passengers at their vehicle and quickly take them to the curbside check-in. It will also return them directly to their vehicle once their trip is over.

Accessible Restrooms

All restroom facilities at the airport are fully equipped for wheelchair access. There are four sets of Men and Women restrooms located on each concourse in the building. One set of washrooms is located at either end of the airport and there are two sets centrally located on each concourse. There are also two sets located inside of the Airport's impressive Atrium.

Interfaith Chapel | Worship and Prayer

The Interfaith Airport Chapel provides a sanctuary in the world's busiest airport for passengers to reflect, meditate and pray. Chaplaincy services are available throughout the week to assist anyone with their spiritual needs.

There is a service of Christian worship held every Sunday at 11 a.m., a service of Catholic Communion every Wednesday at 1 p.m., and s service of Islamic Juma held each Friday at 1:45 p.m. The Chapel itself is opened 24 hours a day.

The Interfaith Airport Chapel is open to everyone. Passengers, visitors, airport employees and airline employees of all different faiths can feel comfortable entering it. It is available to all faiths for reading, meditation and prayer.

The Interfaith Chapel is located in the Domestic Terminal Atrium Chapel on the third floor, just outside of security. There is also the E-Chapel in Concourse E at the top of the escalators on the right and the International Terminal F on the atrium’s second floor.

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