Barcelona International Airport Shuttle Services

A number of shuttle services operate either in, to or from Barcelona International Airport to ensure passengers get to their destination as quickly and conveniently as possible. These include services from the car park to terminals, between terminals, and into the city centre and hotels. Listed below are several of those services:

Between Terminals

Although it’s only really a five minute walk between Terminal One and Terminal Two at Barcelona Airport, a free shuttle bus takes passengers between the two every seven minutes or so 24 hours a day. The airport shuttle bus is easily identified by its green colour.

Mini-bus Service

Passengers can catch the AeroCITY service - a shared commute between the airport and hotel. It runs hourly from 7am to 11pm and costs 16 Euro. It has to be reserved in advance and confirmation made 48 hours prior to pick-up. Passengers are picked up at Arrivals in Terminal One or Two and in their hotel lobby if a return journey has been booked.

 Hotel Shuttle Services

There are four hotels in particular which lie in close vicinity to BCN. All four run buses (some are scheduled, others answer an arrival call). Some of the larger hotels nearer the city centre also offer shuttle services.

Those hotels include:

  • Best Western Alfa Aeropuerto
  • Renaissance Hotel
  • TRYP Barcelona Aeropuerto Hotel
  • Hesperia Tower Hotel
  • Hotel Front Air Congress Aeropuerto

Bus Service

Running every 20 minutes from 5.30am to 1am the following day, the Aerobus is the airport’s express shuttle service into the town centre. It can be picked up at the front of either Terminal One or Terminal Two and tickets are bought from the driver as you enter the bus (cash only). Passengers at Terminal Two can also purchase theirs from a vending machine in Terminal Two prior to entering the bus. Tickets cost 5.75 Euros for a single or 9.95 Euros return.

The Express drops passengers off at the Placa Espanya or Placa de Catalunya. A short Metro ride then takes tourists into the city centre.

The Airport’s night bus (also known as number 17 from Terminal One and the number 16 from Terminal Two), runs from 9.55pm to 4.45am and costs just 2 Euro for a single ticket. Both buses drop-off at Placa Catalunya in the city. 

Private Car (Limo)

By reserving a private car and driver in advance, you can be picked up at arrivals and driven straight into town. The service has to be confirmed 48 hours prior to your flight’s arrival and costs 70 Euros for a one way journey.

Parking Bus

Drivers who drop-off their cars in the long-stay car park at BCN Airport can take a free shuttle bus from there into either Terminal One or Terminal Two. Drivers should always find the bus waiting for them but if this isn’t the case then you can call the company who promise to send a bus within five minutes.

On return the queue for the bus – which is a small yellow coloured minivan - can be found at the Hold Hall in Terminal One and the Delivery Bus Stop in Terminal Two. 

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