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Why should you use a car hire booking agent?

That answer is simple. Flexibility and convenience. Yep, buzz words you hear all over the place. It can be frustrating to see these types of words banded about all over the internet carelessly, but today, I'm going to use those words with care.

As a very seasoned traveller I have my fair share of stories, often through my own fault, where somethings not gone to plan, shall we say.

Car rental is no exception. Hiring a car isn't always cheap, it may be the most convenient option and often is the cheapest choice, but it is often the second most expensive part of a trip after accommodation.

So it goes without say that you want good service from your provider. Unfortunately that isn't always a guarantee.

Car Rental Booking - Flexibility

By using a car rental booking agent, you can get great flexibility and still only pay the market price and no more. You can sometimes even get a better deal.

You can get the flexibility to change providers with no cost, even at the very last minute. A good agent will even call you straight away if your vehicle choice isn't available, search for the best choice and sometimes even get you an upgrade at a cheaper price as happened to me recently.

So there you have it, who I always book through an agent.

Read more about why I book through an agent and how you can benefit from this experience.

Driving In Another Country and Culture

Driving in another country, especially in an unfamiliar hire car, sometimes on the wrong side of the road and often in another culture where expectations of courtesy and even what constitutes safe driving practice, is completely alien to us. It can be fun yet stressful, convenient yet confusing. Going prepared can be half the battle won.

Some top tips on driving in another country.

  • Know where you're going. With pre-downloadable maps for your phone or tablet and GPS, it's pretty hard to get lost these days, and if you do take your device, make sure you have enough battery or a car charger,
  • Make sure you're familiar with the rules. It's easy to get distracted by not knowing road signs, although lots of the world uses similar signage.
  • Don't let yourself get distracted by the scenery, your fellow holiday makers or the many distractions you'll find on foreign roads. Better to enjoy all of those things safety at your destination or pull over and take your time.
  • Hand gestures - some parts of the world hand gestures can mean completely different things. The best advice is to keep your hands on the steering wheel and avoid any form of confrontation.
  • Make sure you understand your driving status including licence and insurance. Be sure you're legal to drive and covered as much as you can afford to prevent nasty shocks later on.

For some top tips, one of my favourite travel bloggers has written a great series on driving in foreign countries.

Rental Car Location and Companies Reviewed by International Airports Guide

Dubai Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental Dubai Airport

Thrifty has several locations in Dubai. Click below for you terminal of arrival.

Thrifty Car Rental Dubai Airport Terminal 1

Thrifty Car Rental Dubai Airport Terminal 2

Thrifty Car Rental Dubai Airport Terminal 3

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