Car Rental at Atlanta International Airport 

Welcome to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. You've finally arrived, now let's get you going with your car rental. We've gathered the most useful information for you to help ease your journey through the airport and get you on the road in your rental vehicle.


Even as one of the busiest airports in the world, innovation continues. Hartsield-Jackson have centralized all the car rental services in the (un)imaginatively named 'Car Rental Center'.

Essentially this means you can select whichever company you prefer and access their sales desk and your vehicle in one location. So rather than having to look at the location of your chosen car provider, you can simply catch the provided transport to one location and know your preferred provider will be there.

You can get to the 'Car Rental Center' via the ATL Skytrain which runs between the Domestic Terminal and the Rental Car Center Station. This skytrain is right outside the terminal doors and very well sign posted.

For passengers from the International Terminal, there is a shuttle bus running from outside the terminal. The journey takes a little longer than from the domestic side, but is still only a few minutes away.

Well known rental companies like Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, E-Z Rent-a-Car, Hertz, National, Payless and Thrifty all have registration counters available inside the center. Services are available 24 hours a day.

As you can imagine, there is a huge fleet of vehicles for you to choose from at this central location, right from luxury rentals through to your more popular family sedans and economy vehicles.

Car Rental Atlanta Airport

Book Online

The search feature located on this page will ensure you get the best choice for your Atlanta Airport rental. Using a booking agent like before you fly gives you the advantage of price comparison. You’ll save time when you get to the rental center if you’ve pre-booked. Many of the car rental companies at Atlanta Airport also offer an online check-in for even greater expediency.


Long Term Rental From Atlanta Airport

The daily prices drop substantially with longer term rental. The longer you book for the cheaper the prices become. To help with this, Hertz offer a long term booking advantage.

Hertz offer a nationwide discount of up to $40 or an upgrade on your rental when you book for a week or more and the great news is you can get the offer from Atlanta too. Booking your car for a week or more and want to take advantage of your long term car rental? Get your Hertz discount or upgrade today.

Hertz $40 Discount or Upgrade Offer

Rent a Car at Atlanta Airport - What to Expect

Here are some quick facts on Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport car hire to help prepare first time visitors arriving into this extremely busy airport:

  • After exiting baggage claim, follow the signs to the ATL Skytrain.
  • The rental car center is the second stop.
  • Pre-book and if possible check-in online.
  • Have your drivers license, passport (for international passengers) and credit card ready.
  • There are two four-storey parking decks, and over 8,700 parking spaces.
  • Each rental firm has a designated area to pick up and drop-off vehicles.
  • You can wash and refuel your rental car in the ‘quick turnaround’ area.

Questions & Answers

What documentation should I produce?

A valid full drivers license from your country of residence plus a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) if not from the United States or Canada. Both need to be issued to the same person and be presented together at the time of renting. You also may need to show your itinerary or airline ticket.

What age do I need to be?

A minimum age of 21 years is the standard for most car rental companies in the United States, but note that for those aged between 21 - 24 a surcharge may apply and certain vehicles may be off-limits.

Can I add an additional driver?

Check with the rental car company or booking agent, but additional drivers are usually allowed for an extra fee as long as they satisfy the ages and license requirements.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, it’s advisable. There are several options for coverage, the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is the most common, though you can also opt for Personal Effects Protection, Personal Accident Insurance and Additional Liability Insurance amongst others. Check when you’re buying travel insurance if it covers any liability for damage or loss in conjunction with a rental car.

Also consider additional independent insurance rather than the one offered by the rental companies at their pick up location. This can often be much cheaper.

Can I drop off the rental at another location?

This is usually possible. When booking there are two options for location, one for pick up location and one for drop off location. Select the appropriate place and the price for this service will be built right in to your quote.

How can I get cheap car rental at Atlanta Airport?

1. Book in advance

2. Consider your extras carefully, GPS, child seats etc...

3. Fuel up before returning your vehicle

4. Regular customers can make savings with loyalty programs and air miles.

Atlanta Airport Rental Companies

Rental companies are notorious for additional extras such as: insurance fees, taxes, and additional charges for mileage. It pays to understand the terms & conditions to get the best value in rental cars.

If you intend to do a lot of driving, it's worth having a rough knowledge of the mileage, especially for longer term rentals where there may be a mileage limit.

For those of us who prefer the security of total insurance protection, consider purchasing the extra insurance from an outside company. Rental providers make a substantial profit on the expensive add-on insurance policy that you purchase over the counter when you pick up your car. The provider we recommend via the booking engine at the top of this page offers inexpensive insurance which is worth looking into.

Note: All prices are a recent snapshot taken directly from the respective website at the time of writing. Credit card charges and prices may vary. Better deals may be gained by purchasing through an online booking agent.

Happy with her car rental at Atlanta airport


A pioneer in the rental market, Hertz is one of the most popular car rental companies at airports in the United States and around the world. Hertz offers a wide range of luxury, sports and hybrid vehicles. They have an online check-in option for Gold Plus Rewards members which lets you avoid the counter and head straight to your car. A compact car is $23.49 per day and a full size car is $25.49 per day.

Thrifty Atlanta Airport

Thrifty offers a free Blue Chip Express Rental Program, for frequent renters which offers speedier counter service, benefits from their partners and one free rental day out of every 16 days. Generally a compact car with Thrifty is $21.89 per day and a full size car is $24.98 per day.

Alamo Atlanta Airport

The third largest agency in the United States, Alamo is popular with international visitors to North America. Take advantage of the online check-in service so you can skip the counter altogether. A compact car with Alamo costs around $22.99 per day and a full size car is $24.99 per day.


A well trusted brand for business travelers, get exceptional service with Avis Preferred Service. Check for specials such as free car upgrades and weekly getaway packages. As a guide a compact car is $22.99 per day and a full size car is $24.99 per day.


A longtime American car rental company, Budget strives to offer the lowest prices and may offer special discounts. They provide fuel efficient and eco-friendly vehicles for the environmentally conscious, including hybrid vehicles. A compact car is $20.89 per day and a full size car is $24.99 per day.


Dollar has been running since 1965 and is one of the global leaders. They have a variety of vehicles to choose from including the family-sized Jeep Liberty SUV or a Dodge minivan. With Dollar on average you can expect to pay $20.89 per day for a compact car and $24.99 per day for a full size car.

Enterprise Atlanta Airport

Boasting the largest fleet in North America, Enterprise Rent a Car expanded into the airport market in the 1990s. They have won awards for their customer service at airports and since they are constantly updating their vehicles, you can expect a wide variety to choose from. A compact car at $21.39 per day, to a full size car at $25.25 per day.

EZ Car Rental Atlanta Airport

Reviewers have found EZ Car Rental at Atlanta Airport friendly and an overall great experience. A relatively young firm, starting out in Orlando, Florida in 1994, they provide current model year vehicles and good customer service. A compact car with E-Z Rent-A-Car is $21.39 per day and a full size car is $24.39 per day.


A well known brand, National gives frequent renters the option of an Emerald Club Membership. This means they can bypass the counter and choose any mid-sized car from a special reserved lot. This speeds up the process markedly if you’re a business traveler pressed for time. Normally a compact car is $23.56 per day and a full size car is $25.57 per day.


Running since 1971, Payless is a trusted United States company, that also serves international locations. Benefits include the Payless Perks Club which offers additional savings and quick reservations. A compact car with Payless is $21.00 per day and a full size car is $23.00 per day.

Rewards Programs

Most of the more popular companies offer some form of rewards program for frequent travellers. Since the pricing is quite comparable, it will be beneficial to choose one reliable car rental company and stick with it. Most people who rent cars on a regular basis are loyal to a particular company, which is why Hartsfield-Jackson offers an extensive variety of choices.

Handy Eco Driving Tips

With many of the firms at the Atlanta Airport Rental Car Center offering the option of hybrid or fuel efficient vehicles, you can help the environment further when you’re travelling by following these eco driving tips:

Drive smoothly and avoid quick starts and stops

Don’t go above the speed limit to save fuel

Avoid rush hour idling

Use a GPS to avoid getting lost

Use cruise control

We have some great general tips for driving in and around Atlanta right here

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