Does Dubai Airport Have Free Wifi?

I'll be travelling through Dubai Airport soon and want to know is there somewhere I can get free wifi?

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Nov 09, 2015
Well am a US national and going to Pakistan
by: Anonymous

Well am a US national and going to Pakistan via Dubai to attend the wedding ceremony of one of my colleague. I'm having 2 hours transit in Dubai airport so please suggest me how to utilize this 2 hours is there any activity that attracts people like me in Dubai airport

Oct 18, 2015
I'll soon be transiting
by: Anonymous

I'll soon be transiting twice through Dubai Airport Terminal 3 and would like to make a quick Skype video call back home while there. What are my options, free or paid? I'm open to wifi, Internet kiosks, local SIM, anything that gets the job done and doesn't cost an arm and a leg (read: roaming mobile data).

Feb 25, 2015
Yes, free wifi for 30 minutes or longer periods for charges.
by: Admin

Dubai Airport does offer free wifi but for only 30 minutes.

The service is offered through Boingo.

Connect through the wifi name 'DXB Free Wifi'. It is quite slow though. For a faster connection or for longer times, there are several packages available.

To use for a longer period the following wifi charges apply:

Mobile devices: AED 19.95 per hour! (approx. $5.45 USD)
Laptops: AED 29.95 per day (approx. $8.15 USD)

Clearly the provider sees that most people want to connect a mobile device.

A way around this excessive cost is to take out a monthly subscription of AED 49.95 (approx. $13.60 USD) for unlimited usage. Use this for your travels, especially if you're connecting back through Dubai on a return journey and then cancel your subscription.

As always, check their terms and conditions before following our advice and make sure you understand the situation.

Other options include Airport lounges which offer free wifi (once you've paid to enter. With complimentary refreshments and food, if you intend to dine, drink and surf, the lounge may be a cheaper option and add a bit of luxury to your stop-over in Dubai.

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