Dubai Airport Lounge Terminal 1

There are several Airport Lounges available for passengers within Dubai Airport Terminal 1 (Concourse C). Some are airline specific if traveling as a premium passenger, or if you hold the appropriate privilege or loyalty card level.

Other lounges are available on a pay basis, no matter what class of travel you have booked with your airline. Economy passengers as well as business and first class have access to some excellent facilities.

Dubai Airport Business Lounge Terminal 1

Available to both premium and economy passengers, the Dubai Airport Business Lounge is an excellent choice for longer stop overs and can actually represent a cost saving. When you compare the price food and beverage for a longer transit with the cost of the lounge and their complimentary buffet and beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic this may be a wise choice for you.

The lounge is also ideal for business passengers who’s airline does not offer lounge facilities.

Prices start from around $45 USD to $60 USD for between 3 and 5 hours in the lounge. The maximum stay is 5 hours and the facility is available no matter what time of day or night your flight is.

Unfortunately the facility lets itself down when it comes to disabled access. For disabled passengers the Marhaba Lounge in Terminal 1 is a better solution.

The following facilities are available at the Dubai International Business Class Lounge:

Location: Between gates C8 & C10.


  • Luggage storage facility
  • Workstations with internet
  • Wifi
  • Fax
  • Showers
  • 1 Sleeping room
  • Smoking room
  • Quiet room
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • TV
  • Refreshments, alcoholic and non alcoholic (the times alcoholic refreshments are available during Ramadan are restricted)

Good for

  • Longer layover rests, 3 - 5 hours
  • Complimentary food and beverages
  • Reasonable price
  • Good facilities

Not so good for

  • Disabled passengers with restricted mobility
  • Sometimes poor service
  • Sometimes cool drinks aren’t chilled adequately
  • Sleeping

Marhaba Lounge Terminal 1 Dubai

For a reasonable rate of $48USD for 4 hours, economy and business passengers can access the Marhaba Lounge in Dubai Terminal 1.

It is possible to pay at the door, but to reserve your entry in the lounge it's best to book online.

The quality of all the Marhaba lounges is generally good and this facility is no exception.

Location: Between gates C23 & C25.


  • Snacks and refreshments (alcoholic and non alcoholic)
  • Showers
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Wifi
  • Phone
  • Fax

Good for

  • Disabled access
  • Resting
  • Snacking and refreshing
  • 2 to 4 hours transit

Not so good for

  • Sleeping
  • Longer transits

For Sleeping

While Terminal 1 does offer 'snooze cubes' and there are rest facilities within the airport lounges, for better rest the Dubai International Hotel is a good choice. With rooms available by the hour it's an excellent facility accessible from terminal 1 and terminal 3.

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