Dubai Airport Lounges - Terminal 3

Airline specific, or independent providers, there are several Dubai airport lounges in Terminal 3 to choose from. If travelling business or first class, you may have free access courtesy of your airline (well, courtesy of your ticket price) or you may want to make a different selection.

If your planning on some decent rest, or if your travelling schedule means you're going to need to get some decent sleep, you'll be much better off booking a room at the Dubai terminal hotel.

Dubai Airport Lounge - Terminal 3 Economy Passenger Access

No problem! While some of the lounges are business or first class passenger specific lounges, some are available for booking by anyone. Marhaba is the service that offers lounge booking for economy passengers.

Dubai Marhaba Terminal 3 Lounge

There are two Marhaba Lounges in Dubai Airport Terminal 3. Marhaba Services offer passenger lounges as well as other services such as meet-and-greet as well as visa services and is generally a 'hand-holding' service through some of the Middle Eastern Airports.

Marhaba Dubai lounges boast a free buffet, shower facilities, wifi internet connectivity and complimentary drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Their lounges are open 24/7. 

The Marhaba lounges are not really for sleeping. Complaints indicate that if you're 'caught' sleeping by the staff you will be woken up because it's not a sleeping area. The reviews online seem to agree with this issue. If some quality sleep is what you're after, the terminal hotel is probably a better choice.

The food is ok, but not the best and if you were hoping to stream a movie while you relaxed, forget it, the Internet connection isn't quite up to that. It's a shame, these lounges aren't expensive, but they certainly are not cheap either. They should be a little more lenient on people and provide excellent services like Internet, especially as Internet becomes much more important to travellers.

For an extra fee, shower facilities are also available. A great relief for many travellers, but not really practical since you have to use your own towel.

An ideal facility for relaxing, snacking and enjoying a drink, plus somewhere to tuck yourself away if you have several hours to pass at Dubai airport and don't want to spend your time walking the halls of an airport. For the best price, book at least 24 hours before using the services offered by Marhaba. 

Concourse A Marhaba Lounge Location: between gates A2 and A3. 

Concourse B Marhaba Lounge Location: close to gate B21. Access is via a dedicated elevator from level 3.

Cost: around $48 for 4 hours.

Smoking: the Marhaba lounge in Concourse A offers a smoking facility.

Emirates Airport Lounge

At this point it is worth mentioning that both the Emirates lounges at Dubai airport are huge. They span the whole length of the terminal with integrated duty free and an entire shopping experience. You board your flights directly from both lounges. The business lounge is on the 4th floor with the first class lounge being located on the 5th floor.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Terminal 3

Better than many business lounges, the Emirates Business Class Lounge offers a nice touch with seating areas, a buffet and bar service, business facilities as well as an environment for the whole family.

Offering spotlessly clean toilets and efficient, if a little robotic service, the facility is good for relaxing and surfing the web on their free wifi with good speed. There is a children's play area which is also equipped with a TV and also business facilities, computers, internet connections and printers for those who need to stay connected. Co-located with the Emirates First Class lounge, you have access to the exclusive duty free shopping and the luxury shops.

The shortcomings are mainly inadequate seating at peak times and it can be a little too noisy. It also gets quite busy because it is accessible for Skywards gold card holders, so frequent flyer economy class passengers have access to the lounge.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B, Near gate B22 on the departures level.

Emirates First Class Lounge Terminal 3

Located with the business class lounge, the Emirates First Class Lounge is an escape from the pressures of travel. Enjoying shared access to the exclusive duty free and luxury shops along with the business lounge, this lounge also offers additional first class privileges.

This lounge is very similar to the business lounge with a few of the same problems. The layout can make it difficult to find the empty seating areas, but when you do you can have a nice place to relax for a while.

Better Champagne and water are the signatures of this lounge with a generally better atmosphere helped by less people being ion the lounge. A nice addition to the Emirates experience, but not really a destination in itself.

Emirates First Class Lounge Location: Terminal 3, Concourse B, Near gate B22 on the departures level.

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