Frankfurt Hahn Airport Parking

Frankfurt Hahn Airport Parking

There's a good choice of Frankfurt Hahn Airport parking with ample on airport and off airport parking available. The airport offers 5 parking lots which offer free shuttle services from the parking to the airport terminal.

You can guarantee your space at Frankfurt Hahn airport parking by booking in advance. This doesn’t guarantee a better price though, just that you will have space available on arrival. Their website also offers you the chance to calculate the price of your parking, right down to the last minute.

Well-displayed signs at the airport indicate all the available parking sites and buildings for the driver to navigate easily to.

Long Term and Short Term Hahn Airport Parking


The five parking lots available at Frankfurt Hahn are as follows:

  • P1 - Comfort - 200m away
  • P2 - Quality - 150 to 700m away depending on where exactly you park
  • P3 - Smart - 600 to 800m away
  • P4 - Low Cost - 700 m away
  • P5 - X-Large - around 1.5km away

P1 to P4 are priced from high to low and P5 is for larger vehicles higher than 2.10m or longer than 5.50m.

  • No dedicated motorbike parking at Hahn, use lots P1 to P4 at the same price as cars.
  • Reservation is not necessary
  • Reservation can be made online
  • No Security
  • Pay by credit/debit card at exit
  • Pay by cash at machines
  • Easy to find by following signs


The Parking lots provided by the airport are NOT SECURE , it is NOT UNDER SURVEILLANCE and the airport distances itself from any liability for damage to vehicles or possessions being stolen.

But the airport does say that this is not a common occurrence.

Basic common sense must come in here. Don’t leave belongings in the car, or if you do, don’t leave them in clear sight.

For a more secure option, see the private parking companies lower down the page.

Hahn Pickup and Drop Off Parking

One of the drop-off car parks is free for up to 10 minutes. After that the cost is 3 euro per hour.

Official airport advice is for drivers to allow passengers to disembark with their luggage at the terminal building then park in a long-term space. From there free shuttle buses operate between the long-stay car parks to the terminal building every 20 minutes from 4am to 1am daily.


Q. Is there Ryanair Parking at Frankfurt Hahn?

Not specifically. Airlines don't normally offer specific parking facilities. The dedicated airport facilities are your best option or you can look at one of the offsite parking companies listed below.

Frankfurt Hahn Parking Address

  • An der Kreisstraße, 55483 Lautzenhausen

Restricted Mobility Drivers

Parking used to be free for drivers and passengers with restricted mobility on presentation of a relevant certificate, however the airport has now decided to charge.

  • Parking lot P1a
  • Cost €4.00 per day
  • Present disabled person's ID with note 'aG 'H' or 'Bl'
  • Cannot prebook disabled parking space

It is disappointing that disabled parking cannot be pre booked while able bodied drivers are offered greater choice.

To prebook disabled parking spaces at Hahn Airport, the best option is to look at one of the offsite parking companies lower down the page.


Parking can be paid for via debit or credit card.

A new facility allows drivers to enter and leave the car park by paying via credit card (eg American Express, MasterCard and Visa), doing away with the need to walk to a pay machine.

You put your card in the machine on entry and put the same card in the machine at exit. This card is then charged. Be careful though, if you lose or misplace that card on your travels, there will be a penalty on exit.

Minimum & Maximum Stay

There is no minimum stay for parking at Frankfurt Hahn.

The maximum stay for parking is six weeks; a longer stay may be available on negotiation with the airport authorities.

Official Parking Website

Hahn Airport Parking (external)

If you are after more secure parking, or you’re looking for a little more customer care then there are several private parking companies at Frankfurt Hahn and in the surrounding area.

Offsite Preflight Hahn Parking

CC Car Check Hahn

A private offsite parking company located close to Frankfurt Hahn airport offering private parking. Unlike the official airport parking this car park is monitored and they claim it to be secure.

Good For

  • Just 700 meters from the airport.
  • 5 minute walk to the terminal.
  • Drive and park available, their driver drives you in your car to the terminal and then parks your car for you. this costs €1 paid to the driver.
  • Additional services, car fuelling, valeting, tyre service, car rental.
  • Arrival between 8:30am and 6pm.
  • Disabled parking spaces.
  • Uncovered or covered parking options.

Not So Good For

  • Different procedures for out of hours parking (after 6pm or before 8:30am).
  • For out of hours parking, call the day before to discuss your needs.
  • No specific shuttle service other than in your own car.
  • Your car may be moved to a facility about 1.6km away while you're away and moved back prior to your return.
  • Picking up your car out of hours, your car keys will be in a locker (code is provided to you on departure).

CC Car Hahn

Airparks Frankfurt Hahn

They offer a free shuttle service to and from their facility as well as a better customer service experience than that typically received at airport car parks such as money back guarantees and competitive pricing.

They even promise to give you a free park if you find a better price withing 24 hours. Exciting.... but who ever looks to beat those deals anyway? I certainly don’t.

Booking can be done on the internet to make the process seamless.

Just a word of advise. Offsite airport parking companies always claim their shuttle ride is a few minutes away, and most of them are, but whenever you use any free shuttle service, always leave yourself just a little extra time for the unforeseen circumstances that can occur when you rely on someone else.

Airparks Frankfurt Hahn

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