Frankfurt Hahn Car Rental

At Frankfurt Hahn Airport there are six rental companies to choose from, including the local firm Buchbinder (whose website also translates into English). As you’d expect, savings can be made by purchasing online in advance. Those wishing to rent a card should also ensure they have a credit card which can be used as a deposit.

Remember that when returning your car rental, depending on the deal you have, it's likely that you'll need to return it with a full tank of fuel otherwise you will be receive quite a large expense for them to top it off.

When returning the car, just before you enter the airport are on the main road there's a service station to fuel up.

Car Hire Location - Hahn

All the rental companies have a desk within the airport terminal. These are easy to find and well signposted. The locations outside terminal for the car pickup and drop off are very close to the terminal. All pickups and drop offs except Hertz are opposite the terminal outside. Hertz is outside the terminal and to the right.

Returning to Frankfurt Hahn Car Rental to catch your flight? Plan your journey for the way back. The Airport Zip Code is 55483


The following are approximate prices for a two to four door small to medium sized car for one day. Please note that these prices are just an example for your information only and do not represent a quote. See the rental companies websites below for accurate prices.

•            Alamo £25.5 

•            Avis £32.00

•            Hertz £26.60 

•            Sixt £30.88

•            Europcar £34.61

•            Buchbinder £32.38


Remember when renting a car anywhere, there are often additional charges such as insurance, breakdown services and mileage limits.

Make sure you understand the insurance limits and additional charges, for example damage excess, and fuel return policy. It's easy to get caught out if the door gets a scratch in a car park or you return the car with less fuel than you left with.

Make a note of these things so you don't get a nasty surprise when you return the vehicle.

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