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As many airports have adopted over the years, quite literally there is a hotel at Dubai Airport, or more accurately the hotel is not so much at the airport as in the airport.

The Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel is an ideal stop over for transit passengers through Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

The hotel is separated into three seperate areas accessible for passengers from all three concourses. This is a well equipped 5 star hotel available for all travellers happy to pay some extra for a comfortable transit time.

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With so many people transiting through this airport, many travellers believe this facility to be one of the best assets, especially on slightly longer layovers where you just want to rest and recover before  your journey continues. A real gem and a 5 star hotel in Dubai Airport, with access to spa facilities and entrances from all three terminal concourses, the location simply does not get any better than this.

The extra privacy of having your own hotel room is a great benefit over using the airport lounges in terminal 1 or terminal 3 and access to showers, a comfortable bed and room service surely help any weary traveller along the road. They even have a swimming pool for you to use on your stay. What a great way to stay refreshed on your travels.

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Located within concourse A, B and C at Dubai Airport the hotel can be accessed via:

  • Concourse A (Terminal 3): Elevators near gates A1 or A24.
  • Concourse B (Terminal 3): Elevators near gates B12 or B22.
  • Concourse C (Terminal 1): Escalators or elevators near C15 and C17

Terminal 2: Should you be in transit for a flight from Terminal 2 (the low cost and charter airline terminal), to access the transit hotel at Dubai airport, do not proceed through passport control and customs, you need to take the free shuttle connector that will take you to the airside part of the airport at terminals 1 or 3.

To transit from terminal 2 to terminal 1 or 3, proceed to the Transfer Desk (before immigration). There you can get access to the free transfer shuttle bus.

However if you need to check in for a new flight from terminals 1 or 3 and your baggage isn't already checked through, you'll still need to go through immigrations and customs to pick up your bags. In this case you can't access the hotel.

For transits to other airlines, check with your travel provider for specific details as they can vary. In this case the easiest option may be to arrive, proceed through customs and immigration, take one of the hotels close to the airport and arrive and check in for your next departure as normal.

Dubai Transit Hotel

It must be noted that this hotel at Dubai Airport is specifically for transit passengers only. If you are arriving in transit, and you proceed to landside (through customs/immigration) you will probably not be allowed back through to the airside facility until three hours before your next flight scheduled departure time.

If in transit and you want to use the transit hotel, then it's best to stay in transit. You must be checked in for a flight to use this hotel facility.

It's ideal if you have a connection of several hours, and you don't want to see Dubai at all and need to relax and refresh.

Because this is a transit hotel, you will not have access to your checked baggage, so it is worth remembering that many of your clothes and other items, large liquid containers etc. will be in your checked baggage.

If you can, remembering those difficult rules on liquids, try to carry your toiletries with you, or alternatively you can pick up much of what you need within the Dubai Airport Terminals.

Hotel Facilities

With no actual business or first class sleeping rooms in the Dubai terminals, this hotel presents the best solution for travellers.

The Dubai International Airport hotel is a 5 star facility catering to almost every travellers need. All the usual and expected facilities from a top class hotel are provided including:

  • Well equipped rooms
  • Room Service
  • Meeting & Banqueting
  • Business Centre
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
  • VIP Rooms and Services
  • Executive Rooms
  • Junior Suites
  • Concierge Service

There is also a health spa type facility available for guests including:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Saunas (Ladies and Gents)
  • Steam Room (Ladies and Gents)
  • Jacuzzi (Ladies and Gents)
  • Shower Stalls

Some of these facilities are in different locations, so check specifically which facilities you want to use, but they are very easy to access and a great addition to a journey.

Do note also that local customs frown upon ladies and gents sharing saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis together.

As well as all the hotel facilities, you still have direct access to the full range of facilities and services that the airport has on offer including the bars, restaurants and duty free.

Children under 12 can stay free of charge as long as they are using bed that are already available. Up to one extra cot/children's bed can be placed into the room. It's best to confirm addition beds prior to arrival at the hotel.

Questions and Answers About the Hotel at Dubai Airport

Q. What are the Dubai International Airport Hotel hourly rates?

A. Rooms are available at the Dubai Airport Hotel by the hour. Hourly rates can be obtained by calling the hotel call centre on +971 4 224 4000 or via reception on arrival. The rates vary based on availability. For any stay of around 6 hours or more or if you can book in advance via the internet are more favourable than the hourly rates. You can see these rates here... Dubai International Airport Hourly Rates.

Q. Can I go sightseeing for a few hours while in the Dubai International Terminal Hotel?

A. Unfortunately you cannot leave the airport if you stay in this hotel. It is exclusively for people staying within the airport (not clearing customs or immigration).

If you wish to stay in a transit hotel and also go to some of Dubai's famous landmarks, then you'll need to stay in one of the many hotels near Dubai Airport.

You'll find a top pick of hotels near Dubai airport right here. Dubai Airport Hotels.

Dubai Airport Hotel - Reviews

It's worth taking the time to look at the reviews of the Dubai Airport transit hotel. There are some valid comments explaining the pro's and con's of this hotel.

Remember though that not all travellers experiences are the same and make your decision based on your own requirements.

There are also some video reviews later on down the page. Click here to take a look at those.

Pro's and Con's

Good for

  • Long transit times (4 - 5 hours more)
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Good facilities
  • Ease of access (no need to leave the airport)
  • Couples to relax in privacy
  • Families to rest
  • Low stress hotel option
  • Using a swimming pool in Dubai Airport

Not so good for

  • A little expensive
  • Shorter transit times
  • It's more than just sleeping rooms. A little excessive for just a nap
  • Cannot access anything outside the airport


  • For shorter transits the hotel lounges might be more to your liking (see 'Useful Links').

Dubai Airport Hotels

Since the Dubai International hotel specialises in hotel accommodation for guests that are in transit at Dubai Airport, you can't leave the airport during your stay.

A great selection of hotels

if you wish to leave the airport

during your stay

There are however excellent hotel choices just a short journey away. With every possible hotel choice from the opulent 5 star hotels that Dubai is known for right through to excellent budget hotels to make your stay in Dubai a pleasure.

Only the best pick Dubai airport hotels from each category are featured on this site. You can use our search capabilities in partnership with to compare and see why we've made those recommendations.

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Video Reviews - Dubai Transit Hotel

I've picked out some great video reviews of the Dubai transit hotel. Take a peak now and then see what prices you could get. Also like to say a huge thank you to the owners of these videos for making them shareable. This website has no copyright for these videos.

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