Hotels at Gatwick Airport

Anyone catching an early flight or arriving tired and jetlagged will appreciate the range of hotels at Gatwick Airport. Although Gatwick does offer a number of airport lounges having your hotel accommodation right there as soon as you step off the plane is a godsend. Knowing there is a comfortable bed, a hot shower and some breakfast waiting for you certainly makes up for the rigours of long haul travel. As Gatwick Airport is a major gateway for Europe and other international destinations it makes sense to provide travellers with hotels at the airport and this it has done admirably.

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All hotels meet the following criteria:

  • Location: actually 'at the airport' and not tucked down a side road.
  • Condition: are clean, comfortable and well equipped.
  • Reviews: well and accurately reviewed.

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Gatwick Hotel With Parking

Some of the larger airport hotels offer more than accommodation. They also offer secure airport parking, as well as valet parking and Park and Fly packages. Smaller airport hotels located inside the terminals may offer discounts on parking, so it pays to check the range of services when you’re booking.

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The Sofitel Gatwick 

With 518 rooms, super-comfy beds and direct access to the North Terminal, The Sofitel London Gatwick is a popular choice for weary business travellers and holidaymakers wanting an exclusive 4-star hotel. It provides an excellent range of services including three restaurants, two bars, Wi-Fi, parking and a concierge who will arrange your sightseeing transport into London or a day trip to Brighton.

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Sofitel Hotel at Gatwick Airport


Offering stylish decor and tablet control technology, the affordable BLOC is a popular choice for travellers seeking a cosy yet modern airport hotel. Of all the hotels directly at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal BLOC is situated closest to the departure gates, which makes it extremely convenient if you have an early morning flight. Although it doesn’t have a restaurant or bar, it has the surrounding airport venues at its disposal and provides discount vouchers for meals, duty free shopping and parking.

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BLOC Hotel at London Gatwick Airport

Hilton London Gatwick 

The Hilton London Gatwick is located directly at Gatwick Airport by the South Terminal and accessed via a covered walkway. It offers a stress free departure since it’s just minutes from the check-in desks. It offers range of spacious guest rooms, including 22 family deluxe suites, and plenty of services such as Wi-Fi access, restaurants & bars and parking to make your stay a convenient experience. The Hilton is especially suitable for families with young children, people travelling with pets and those with mobility needs.

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Hilton London Gatwick South Terminal


If you need to catch up on some shut eye and don’t need the complete hotel experience Yotel’s short stay cabins will fit the bill. These are bookable by the hour and come in standard or premium sizes, perfect for singles or couples. Yotel is located near the South Terminal arrivals area, and also close to departures, so you don’t have far to walk if you’re coming or going. Included in the price is free Wi-Fi, complimentary toiletries and there is a food menu available 24/7. 

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Yotel Gatwick Airport Hotel

Gatwick Airport Terminal Hotels - North and South

Hotels at Gatwick North Terminal

Due to its smaller size, and less flight traffic the North Terminal has fewer airport hotels but travellers have the 4-star Sofitel which offers direct access via a covered walkway. For more airport hotels those in the South Terminal are easily reached by the inter-terminal monorail which is a five minute journey. Alternatively, there are a number of airport lounges in the North Terminal which may suit your needs better than an airport hotel, especially if you just need a shower and a bite to eat. 

Find out more about the facilities at the North Terminal.

Hotels at Gatwick South Terminal

The South Terminal has the most airport hotels either connected by a covered walkway or situated directly inside the terminal within a few steps of the departure lounge. Offering a range of accommodation from cozy cabins to luxury suites, Gatwick’s South Terminal caters to every kind of budget, taste and preference when it comes to airport accommodation. Like the North Terminal it has several airport lounges which can also be a haven if you need a quiet place to relax, catch up on your emails or relax with a drink before or after your flight.

Find out more about the facilities at the South Terminal.

Questions & Answers About Hotels at Gatwick Airport

I want save money for sightseeing in London, which airport hotels are best for budget travellers?

For short stays at Gatwick Airport, budget travellers are best to book a stay at Yotel or BLOC, these offer the essentials such as a bed, shower and Wi-Fi without the cost of added extras. Yotel can be booked for a minimum of four hours, then extended by the hour making it even more cost effective.

I want to  treat my partner before we go on holiday, which airport hotels are best for romance?

If budget isn’t an issue then the Sofitel and Hilton are both 4-star hotels, offering luxury rooms for couples, a range of amenities and ease of access to the airport. Check for dinner packages available.

I’m flying long haul and want to sleep as soon as I arrive, which hotels are directly at Gatwick Airport? 

The airport hotels situated in the terminals, Yotel and BLOC, are the most convenient if you don’t want to leave the airport. Sofitel and Hilton are connected to the airport via covered walkways but are still within walking distance.  

Which Gatwick hotel accommodation offers parking at Gatwick Airport?

The Sofitel and the Hilton both offer adjacent self-parking, and the Sofitel also has valet parking. Check for Park & Fly deals at these two and the BLOC. 

I’ll be flying from Gatwick Airport on business, which airport hotels are best for business travellers?

The Sofitel offers meeting rooms, printing facilities and complimentary Wi-Fi. The Hilton has a business centre and Wi-Fi access. BLOC has smaller rooms but free Wi-Fi and is good if you have an early morning flight.

I’m travelling with a group of friends for a holiday in London, which airport hotel is best for group travel?

The Sofitel and Hilton have a range of room sizes and suites to accommodate a group of up to six people. The BLOC has family sized rooms which can accommodate a small group of four people.

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