Radisson Blu Hotel At Stansted Airport

Right at the Terminal | Perfect for Park Stay & Fly

As a choice hotel for business or leisure travellers alike, The Radisson Blu hotel at London Stansted Airport represents a fine balance of work, relaxation and convenience.

Expect more from this Stansted hotel

A night spent at this hotel will give you the opportunity to enjoy some excellent restaurants, a relaxing atmosphere and their unique bar. It exceeds the quality and service of the other hotels close to this airport. It is most certainly the top choice for that relaxing and productive stay before and after you fly.


Even with it's great facilities, much of the attraction and value for guests staying at this hotel is based on it's location. There's no need to trouble yourself with inconvenient airport shuttle services to and from your accommodation, or having to catch an early shuttle only to waste more time before your flight. 

Situated right at the airport next to the terminal. Other hotels can claim to be at the airport, but none can claim to be within walking distance. There is an under cover walkway that takes a few short minutes to access the terminal. But don't let the airport noise worry you, aircarft noise isn't a problem in this facility.

So Close to the Airport You Can See the PlanesSo Close, You Can See the Planes
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Finding the hotel by car is very easy. It's just a few minutes off the M11 motorway.

Use the same directions that you would as if you were heading towards Stansted's main terminal. As you approach the terminal you'll see the signs for the hotel.

For sat nav, use the following postcode: CM24 1PP

Radisson Blu London Stansted
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Getting There By Car

Most Likely you'll be arriving at the hotel from the M11 motorway.

  1. Exit following signs for Stansted Airport
  2. Follow signs towards the terminal
  3. You'll see the airport as you approach. There are also additional signs for the hotel and the hotel car park.

One of the benefits of driving to this hotel is that you can make use of their Park, Stay & Fly packages. Once you've made your booking, get in touch with them to confirm your parking reservation.

Getting There By Bus

You can use any bus service to get to Stansted Airport.

Once at the main bus station for the terminal, head towards the terminal and follow the signs for the Radisson Hotel. It's not a long walk from the terminal.

Book Online for the Best Rates

The best rates can be gained by booking online. We've been fortunate to partner with leading booking engines to guarantee that you know the best price.

There's no need to book, but make sure you check the very best prices available so you know exactly how much you should be paying.

Alternatively if you prefer to book direct, especially if you want to make use of their airport parking, then there is a form slightly down the page below the video and pictures of the hotel.

Get great rates

Double RoomDouble Room
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A Great Choice for Your StayA Great Choice for Your Stay
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A View of a Twin RoomA View of a Twin Room
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Artistic AtriumArtistic Atrium
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For Leisure Travellers and Holiday Makers

Start your holiday in true class and style knowing that your flight is just a short walk to the terminal via the undercover walk way.

A real gem with this hotel offering it's leisure travellers and holiday makers an exceptional hotel with a perfect location.

For a romantic getaway there are several restaurants and a tasteful bar to relax in and start your holiday how you want it to continue.

Comfortable rooms that start at competitive rates, you're sure to be happy choosing to stay at this hotel.

Good For

  • Free high speed internet
  • A short stroll to the terminal
  • Comfortable Rooms
  • Good rates
  • Choice of restaurants
  • Atmosphere
  • Attentive staff
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Quality room service

Radisson Stansted Spa and Gym

Being the only hotel right at the airport (connected directly to the airport terminal), the spa and gym facilities are a real and treat. What better way to make your travel experience more relaxed than a trip to the health and wellness facilities.

Come prepared to relax and leave rejuvenated.

Available to all guests

  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna

For a little extra

  • Massage
  • Manicure

Facilities and Review

Overall, the Radisson Blu is excellent for transits, business and holiday travellers. As you can see from this page, it has just about everything you could need.

Here is a rundown of the facilities available for you at this hotel.

•Gym, Pool, Spa, Sauna
•Massage & Manicure (for extra)
•High Speed Internet
•Bar with the flying angels
•Multiple restaurants (New York & Italian)
•Good breakfast
•Business Rooms
•Quiet Rooms
•Business Facilities
•Parking including Park & Fly
•Direct walking access to Stansted Terminal

Book Direct

Some prefer to book direct, and if that's you, you can use this search form to get prices directly from this excellent hotel at Stansted.

Hotel at Stansted Airport
For Business Travellers

Staying in yet another hotel? You're not going to go far wrong with this Stansted business hotel. The ideal balance to enhance your productivity and your relaxation.

With just about ever need is catered for. Their business class rooms aren't the largest in the business but they certainly are comfortable and well equipped.

Good For

  • Free WiFi High Speed Internet
  • Business class rooms at good rates (see video below)
  • No busses needed to get to the terminal
  • Quiet rooms
  • Business facilities
  • Helpful staff
  • Taking a swim after work
  • Relax in the hotel spa
  • Comfortable Beds

Park and Fly

Several of the Stansted hotels offer Park and Fly options. The advantage the Radisson Blu offers is that after parking, the airport terminal is a short walk away taking away the need for you to secure other, often less convenient and expensive, airport parking.

They offer a secure car park and reasonable rates, especially given the car park location.

Park and fly and park, stay and fly can be booked directly through the Radisson's website. Their is a booking form for direct bookings towards the top of this section.

Radisson Blu London Stansted

Take a look at the video below to see what you can expect during your stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel at London Stansted.

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