Stansted Airport London

Stansted Airport London, the third busiest airport serving this major city is a well equipped airport mainly served by low cost airlines. The airport terminal is an award winning design and presents a stunning interlude to any travels.

As one of the most popular low cost destinations to access the London area and the east of England, Stansted Airport offers all the services and convenience you could need for your journey.

Take a look through our guides and reviews below to make your travel as stress free as possible.

Park Stay & Fly Hotels

Ease your journey with Park Stay & Fly hotels at Stansted. There are two main options that we recommend.

  1. The first being the Radisson Blu hotel. This has the benefit of having secure parking and being right by the airport terminal so you can access check-in after your hotel stay without having to catch a bus.
  2. The second option and a little more cost effective is the Hilton Hotel. It's the other side of the airport and you can access the terminal by catching a bus from the hotel. Sadly the bus isn't free however does remain inexpensive.

See each hotel review here.

Radisson Blu Park Stay Fly

Hilton Hotel Park Stay & Fly

Airport Parking

There are many airport parking choices for Stansted from the airport provided parking for short time pickup and drop-off through to long term parking solutions.

If you prefer there are also several private parking providers that can make more sense than the airport options. One of these is Park at my House which does what it says on the tin.

If you have an early morning flight or you just want to whisk yourself or you loved ones off on your travels early and you'll prefer to take a hotel room the night before, many of the hotels offer park-stay and fly deals.

To see all these options and read my tips on how to avoid the steep pickup and drop-off charges, visit the Stansted Airport Parking review page.

Stansted Airport Parking

London to Stansted to London

Being within easy reach of London, it's an airport that makes great sense when travelling from or visiting London.

There are several ways to get from London to Stansted Airport.

Your transport options are:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Taxi
  • Private hire car

Journey times from central London by train around 47 minutes and by bus are between 50 minutes and 1 hour 20 minutes depending on the company you might choose.

A company offering exceptional value and speed between London and Stansted Airport is Terravision.

Car Hire

Stansted offers a good range of car hire companies with many varieties of vehicle types. With the airport having excellent road connections, especially along the M11 to places like London to the south and Cambridge to the North a Stansted car hire can make perfect sense for your journey.

The best opportunity to check out the prices of Stansted car hire is right here.

Hotel at Stansted Airport

Looking to stay a little closer? You can stay right at Stansted with a hotel connected to the main terminal.

Perfect location and ideal for business and pleasure travel, this hotel gives you a great airport location and superb facilities.

Leisure & Business Hotel at Stansted Airport

Hotels in Stansted

Stansted has a nice combination of international chain hotels, both budget and higher end as well as charming local independent accommodations.

Many of the hotels offer park and fly deals solving the parking and accommodation problem in one go.

Most of the hotels offer shuttle bus services though unfortunately it's very likely you'll have to pay a little extra for this. Prices ranging from around £1 - £3 per person.

Which hotel in Stansted should you choose? We have the guide for you. Take a look and discover the right choice for you.

Hotels near Stansted

Stansted Airport Taxis

There are literally hundreds of taxi companies in and around the Stansted Airport Area. We're gathering many of the companies into one place so you can choose from the companies.

Take a look at the listings we have and see which company suits your needs.

Stansted Airport Taxis

Stansted Airport Transfer

Stansted Airport Bus

There's several bus companies serving Stansted Airport, both to and from the airport. These include:

Stansted to London (Prices £2 - £11)

  • National Express
  • Terravision
  • easyBus

Rest of UK

  • National Express

The bus us usually the cheapest option for travel from Stansted and there are excellent connections to London, Cambridge and further afield. If you're travelling to anywhere except London, Cambridge is usually a good stop off point as the bus station serves many destinations nation wide.

If your destination is London, the bus offers cost effective travel and convenience, assuming no traffic. Usually the journey is trouble free, but the bus will be affected by traffic conditions, unlike the train which will get from Stansted Airport to London quicker, but maybe not so well priced.

Compare the prices:


National Express*

Stansted Airport Train Station

Travellers using the Stansted Airport train station are fortunate with it's location. Being directly underneath the terminal it has easy access.

Tickets can be purchased online, in the terminal or at the train station. It's normally cheaper to purchase your tickets prior to arriving at the airport.

Stansted Airport Train

Trains From Stansted Airport

Conveniently, the trains from Stansted Airport run directly from the one train station.

Destinations in London such as Liverpool Street station and several destinations in East Anglia and the Midlands are served.

One of the best booking engines to get great train deals is The Train Line.

For disabled passengers and those travelling with bicycles, it's best to check with the train operator at least 24 hours prior to your journey.

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