Stansted Airport Transfer: Your Best Guide

Served with many options, a Stansted Airport transfer is no problem at all. You can get from Stansted to just about anywhere you need with some very simple and often quite cheap transport option. Take a view through our guide below to get to where you need to be.

Stansted to Luton

While being quite close together, the journey between Stansted and Luton isn't the easiest with no direct motorway connection.

The best way to connect to Luton from Stansted is by road using a taxi service. You can see taxi services available at our Stansted Taxi and Private Car page. Taxi prices between Stansted and Luton start at around £75.

If your schedule has a little more flexibility in it you could use one of the bus services. These are quite cost effective but, of course, like all public transport you're stuck to the bus companies schedule, although for all the London airports, these services are quite convenient.

Stansted to Luton by Train

Only for the seasoned London traveller or for very adventurous travellers

Trains to Luton aren't an ideal option as there's no direct line train service between the two airports. To get to Luton from Stansted by train you have to route into London and from London you'll use the London Underground (often referred to as 'the tube') and from there you'll take another train to Luton. This typically involves 3 changes but you do eventually end up at the airport.

Stansted Airport Train Station (Located under the terminal)

London Liverpool Street

Farringdon (via one of the following; the Circle Line | Hammersmith & City Line | Metropolitan Line)

Luton Airport Parkway

Luton Airport

As you can see, a Stansted Airport transfer to Luton by train is quite a mission. If you prefer the public transport option, the coach services offered by National Express are probably the easiest and cheapest option.

Stansted Airport Transfer to Luton - Your Best Options

Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle

Good for

  • Flexibility
  • Comfort
  • Journey time around 1 hour 15 minutes in clear traffic

Not so good for

  • Cost £75

Note: I always maintain that taxis can be good value for money when splitting the cost, especially for larger people carriers such as 8 seaters that taxi companies often use. If you're travelling in a group of 4 or more it's always advisable to compare the cost of a taxi against other forms of public transport.

Bus: Stansted to Luton

Good for

  • Cost, around £13
  • Relative comfort
  • Convenient service with many services running daily

Not so good for

  • Not as flexible as using a taxi
  • Maybe more costly than taxi or private hire if travelling as a group

Stansted to Heathrow

There's many ways to get to Heathrow from Stansted. The best choice is really by bus. the train to London Heathrow is a long drawn out affair taking around 3 hours.

By Bus

My preferred option would be to take the bus directly from Stansted to Heathrow. The journey time is not so long at around 1 hour 20 minutes and is very conveniently timed for just about any traveller. The bus will also drop you at the exact terminal you need at Heathrow, or if you're going to a hotel for the night, you can normally get a shuttle bus directly from the Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

By Coach (Bus)

Good for

  • Convenient timings
  • Good prices
  • Drops you directly at the terminal you need
  • Comfortable

Not so good for

  • Journey times are subject to traffic conditions
  • May not offer the exact flexibility you need

Stansted to Gatwick

To get from Stansted to Gatwick there's two equally viable options, the first being a coach (bus) service and the second being the train.


Since Stansted Airport is north of London and Gatwick is south of London, whichever transport choice you make has to either go around London or go through London. The trains, being unnaffected by road traffic can make the transit through the center of London with ease. To get to Gatwick from Stansted however, will require some changes. The route to get to Gatwick by train via London is Stansted to London Liverpool Street, then to London Bridge via the underground (metro) system, then by train on to Gatwick.


The bus, unlike the train, typically goes around the M25 Motorway. This is a circular motorway that runs around the outside of London. It's quite far away, so those travellers hoping for a glimpse of the city will be dissapointed however you can occasionally catch a brief view of the financial district, Canary Wharf, as you go over the large Dartford bridge.

The train journey time is around 2 hours 30 minutes.

The bus journey time can be as little as 2 hours 40 minutes but can take over three hours. Some services are offered direct while most of the services are offered via Heathrow airport.

I won't make a recommendation as to which mode of transport is best for Gatwick as that really depends upon you and how you'd prefer to travel. they're both very similar.

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