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Offering premier, valet and self service off site parking, WallyPark Atlanta sets itself apart. Clear branding and slick website design, they leave nothing to your imagination about what you can expect from their service.

This nationwide airport parking company positions themselves above other airport parking lots and this is reflected in their prices which tend to be a little higher than the average. Starting at around $9.50 for their most basic service and going up to $13.00 or more per day for higher end services such as the valet parking.

They also offer a hand washing starting from $18.95 for cars, a service definitely for those who want their car pampered while away.

Two outdoor and inside parking lots are available, depending on how much you might wish to pay.

WallyPark Atlanta is just 2 miles from the airport and journey times for domestic passengers are around 15 minutes and for the international terminal, allow around 30 minutes and be sure to inform the driver.

A nice touch is the complimentary shuttle bus providing free water and a newspaper. The shuttle bus will be dispatched to pick you up from your car saving you the headache, or is it arm ache, of dragging your luggage from your car to a shuttle pickup zone.

WallyPark Atlanta don't offer electric vehicle charging facilities, unlike their competitor Peachy Airport Parking Atlanta.

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Some of the WallyPark reviews put a slight tarnish on their well polished public image though. Several reviewers complain that when using discounts from sites like Groupon, they weren't given the level of service you might expect from a company that positions itself as a premium brand.

I find this a little sad. As someone who loves to use the various hotel and flight discounts, it's fair to expect equal treatment as a normal customer, especially when coupon deals and discount codes are used to build business in the competitive travel industry.

A top tip. When arriving at the international terminal, be sure to call WallyPark to get the complementary shuttle to come pick you up and when using any offsite airport parking facility, always allow extra time to get to check in. If you miss your checkin time the parking companies cannot be held responsible.

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WallyPark Atlanta

(404) 763 9990 (International travellers add +1 at the beginning)

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